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Antler investment into Berlin Fintech Amply

We are incredibly proud to announce that Amply has received investment from Antler, one of the most active early stage venture capital firms in the world.

Amply’s mission is to empower SMBs, letting them run their business, better. We provide the toolkits, insights and infrastructure for SMBs to improve their financial operations and give every finance responsible and finance department the capabilities and efficiency of a large organization. We are building Amply with the mantra that everything we do has to make our client’s life easier – they shouldn’t have to compromise. Our job is to take the complexity and make it simple.

Amply’s founders have built Amply so that the pain of executing a company’s finances can go away for the millions of SMBs in Europe. Our platform streamlines businesses’ money in. money out, invoicing, bookkeeping and spend management by eliminating manual tasks.  Amply gives businesses one place to run the financial aspect of their business, meaning less copying and pasting information, and more efficient and smarter workflows.

With Antler’s investment and guidance, we are able to accelerate our journey and get our product into the hands of companies quicker.

“Any finance organization I have worked with suffers from a large number of repetitive tasks, a plethora of different tools for different workflows and ultimately getting real understanding of the financial situation still happens in a spreadsheet in which someone pulls data from different sources together. The amply team has a unique insight and understanding of this problem and have built a solution that is a step-change for SMBs” – Alan Poensgen, Partner Antler Berlin

To find out more, reach out to contact@getamply.io.

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