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Incoming Cashflow Tracking

  • Track all sales from different sources
  • See live outstanding receivables
  • Gain a holistic view of your cashflow

14 days with no commitment.
No credit card required.

Take better informed, quicker decisions

Gain visibility over changes in your income

Save time

See all your cashflows in one dashboard so you can save time tracking your income

Comprehensive visibility

Get a complete picture of your income from different sources

Improve your liquidity

Ensure your customers pay on time and identify late payments

Finance Solved

Easily track invoices

Track the status of your client invoices and quickly view open invoices

All your income in one place

Whether your invoices were created with Amply or another tool, manage your income holistically

Automatic payment reconciliation

Our AI tracks when your invoices have been paid so you can collect your revenues more efficiently

Take control of your finances

Spend less time on admin, more time on running your business, better

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