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  • Intelligent reconciliation of invoices and transactions
  • For SMEs who want to harness the potential of AI
  • Save time on accounting by eliminating manual tasks

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Save time

Eliminate manual processes through automation

Reliable AI powered automation

Amply’s AI quickly shows you which documents are missing

Built to scale with your business

No matter how many invoices you receive per month, with Amply they are automatically processed

Efficient collaboration with your tax advisor

Easily export your data to your accountant in the format of your choice (Excel, .csv or even directly to DATEV)

Finance solved

Connect to over 2,500 different accounts

Whether it's a traditional bank account, Neobank, Paypal or credit cards - you can have all transactions loaded into Amply in just a few minutes

Easy and intelligent document upload and scanning

Your employees can easily send their receipts to a separate email address for expenses or a photo of the receipt to Amply via WhatsApp

Intelligent data capture with AI

Industry leading analysis means fewer manual corrections

Automatic transaction reconciliation with AI

Using artificial intelligence, invoices and transactions are automatically linked and prepared for export to your tax advisor

Take control of your finances

Spend less time on admin, more time on running your business, better

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